Swedish baths separate men and boys

From now on, Gothenburg’s biggest bath Lundbybadet will have four locker rooms: One for men, one for women, one for boys and one for girls.

– We have chosen to separate boys and men, girls and women since we have had several incidents with pedophiles. They photographed and filmed in the locker rooms, says Maria Björklund, director of the city’s baths, to DN.se.

There seems to be no crimes however, and no sexual harassment, according to Maria Björklund:

– I can only recall one incident where an older person touched a pupil, but that was several years ago.

So it seems that the idea to “separate men and boys” (the word “separate” makes me think of two dogs …) is more a result of the general vibe in society than of actual problems.

A second article explains that 700 crimes per year are committed at Stockholm’s biggest bath Eriksdalsbadet, but most of them are thefts, and the sexual harassment is of a certain type:

– Boys harass girls by touching them, a police officer explains.

I find the idea with separate locker rooms for young and old people a tragic development, but a very logical one. As I pointed out to my friend N, who brought these articles to my attention, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before. Be sure the idea will spread.

3 thoughts on “Swedish baths separate men and boys

  1. yea, i mean, id prefer not to be filmed in the locker room, but this does seem an overreaction. in sweden no less, wtf.

    also.. hi Karl! just found your new blog. thank you an awful lot for linking me, you are too nice. i own every issue of destroyer and wait with baited breath for your next thing.

    xxalways, math+

  2. Cool, Math! Happy to hear that. I’m fascinated by your attempts to grasp beauty as well, in various ways, like your latest idea with tracing the contours of fantastic photos – not too unlike page 38-39 in D5.

  3. Boys and men were separated as far back as the early 1990’s in Valhallabadet in Gothenburg. My friend’s little brother didn’t like changing alone since his brother had just turned 18. This must have been somewhere around 1991.

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