72 vintage gay magazine logotypes

Vintage gay and boy magazine logotypes, including Amigo, Beach Boys, Cock, Coq International, Dream Boy, Kim, Piccolo and Super Piccolo.

Boy, have I been scanning! Here are the first 72 vintage gay magazine logotypes that can be printed on Vintage Pride t-shirts. A few titles occur more than once since they changed their logotypes.

To be frank, many of the logotypes aren’t that impressive, just like many of the magazines weren’t. But they are welcome in the mix anyway, since they contribute to the vastness and diversity of it.

So, once again, which one’s your favourite? I think I’m leaning towards MM and Superboy.

12 thoughts on “72 vintage gay magazine logotypes

  1. To be honest, I do not think these shirts will be a big hit. The logos aren’t extraordinary enough to give the shirts a catchy look. However I wish you good luck with it anyways.

    As I presume most of the magazines that belong to the logos would appeal more to the average “destroyer” reader than any other gay magazine published today, I’d say it still is a good idea to bring those logos back up to the public. Maybe one day the gay movement reconnects to the part of their roots that I assume some of the magazines stand for and today sadly are long forgotten.

  2. I actually don’t think so either, Ben. But it doesn’t matter, I had fun scanning them and might extend the collection later.

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