Imma be creative

Entering the BOOM BOOM POW phase of a project. Every time I’ve cleaned my desk and put the speakers in place, I thank god for this life and pity those who never get to experience this feeling. The rush! The flow! THE BLAST!

And I tell you: There’s no place in my apartment for a pair of plastic Logitech usb speakers. These are Yamaha, but more than that: They’re teenage speakers. Got them when I was 16 and quite soon pimped them with a second bass unit. There have been times that I regret the EXTREME bass that this tuning resulted in, not the least since they already burned a pair of amplifiers. But then again, there are times, like now, when I realise that the second bass unit is… ME. At these times I realise I’m still that teen, and that my body needs that teenage bass. I like it when we go to extremes. Let it rock!