Report from Berlin CSD 2010


Die Linke.

Die Lesben.

Die Tunten.

Was meint er eigentlich?

The most kinky participant I could find.

Familie ist, wo Kinder sind!

There were few teenagers around, and these were only onlookers.

Where’s the party? At GMF!

Heil Super-Zandy!

They looked so happy! Afterwards I realized why: They’re getting married in July, according to the text on their t-shirts.

Another happy gay couple.

And a third one – notice their matching underwear.

That’s the sticker he smacked on my chest!

The sticker from Die Piraten ended up on my t-shirt as well.


Several people had Swedish flags despite they were German. Apparently there was some kind of royal wedding going on in Sweden.

Pump up the Jam!

PS: Judith Butler got a prize for moral courage, but declined it in a speech she held in German.

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