Bike tour from Bernau to Liepnitzsee

I’m sure many of you are upset and wonder: What kind of blog is this really? Two bike posts in a row. This is perverse! You’ve exposed your “real you” to us, Karl! Well, I think there’s a bike tourer in all of us, so here we go:

Yesterday I lent my old bike to a friend and we took the s-bahn to Bernau. From there we biked to the little lake Liepnitzsee, where we found a little boat that took us to the island Liepnitzinsel in the middle of the lake. This last part is not shown on the map since cars can’t go there:

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This was a nice and slow ride. Sometimes we led our bikes for long sections since the ground was too sandy – that’s why the average speed is so low:

  • Total time: 10:30 – 22:30 = 12 hours
  • Biking time: 2 hours, 19 minutes
  • Distance: 27,7 km (17,2 miles)
  • Average speed: 11,9 kph (7,39 mph)
  • Max speed: 29,9 kph (18,6 mph)

Liepnitzinsel turned out to be the perfect destination, or as a German magazine put it: “Sweden is just a few miles away!” I can’t say they were wrong – I felt very much at home in the breathtakingly beautiful nature, which Germans apparently associate with Sweden. The FKK (Freie Körperkultur) remains a German phenomenon though. It was a liberating experience to see how some people preferred to bath and walk around in the nude, while most people wore swimwear.

Yeah, we found the most charming little beach on the cape of the island. Some of the people there had come with the ferry, like us, and some were “islanders”, meaning long term inhabitants of the island’s campings. I swam over to the beach on the mainland, and the difference was huge: I saw no nude people there, but a non-negligible number of tribal tattoos. In addition to cars, music and a bar. In comparison, the island was full of low-tech, nature-loving hippies. Which to my surprise appealed more to me. Ok, enough of blabbing, here are some pics:

A sculpture of a woman in Bernau, from 1958 (East Germany).

Sculpture of a man carrying a goat in Bernau.

Reaching Liepnitzsee was like entering a giant adventure bath …

… or Sweden, apparently. By the way, isn’t that Chucky?

The ferry that took us to Liepnitzinsel – I still haven’t digested the turquoise colour of the water!

The island café Insulaner Klause, where I had two beers to my tomato salad with feta cheese (the only vegetarian dish).

The cape of Liepnitzinsel.

I spy with my little eye …

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