Another Saturday night

Just a short post to inform you all that I ended up at Haus B tonight again. Start loving that place more and more – it’s like a piece of Prague or Budapest in the middle of Berlin. So East, in the best sense of the word. After frequenting electro and indie clubs for some years I sort of welcome that. Indie is so stiff and, well, mature.

Anyway, remember the sperma? They still had the drink, so I bought the thick, grey, sweet-salty liquid for all my friends. Several times. While we watched a lesbian sex show.

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3 thoughts on “Another Saturday night

  1. bushwick, brooklyn wishes it were berlin. therefore in some backwards and doubled sense i wish i was in berlin even though i kinda never want to leave brooklyn.

    indie is indeed ‘mature’. what a great, true, and unexpected way to characterise it.

    hej karl- could i email you something short? unable to locate your contact info. if it is ok, you could leave a hint here, or hit me at pleasureiseasy at gmail .

    xxinfinite, m+

  2. Oh! I just read something about a Destroyer book. The thought of receiving a Destroyer book in the mail really tickles my acquisitive mind. Can’t wait!

  3. Yeah, there is no contact info. I’ve realized that those who want to contact you usually find a way. 🙂

    As for the book, I’m in labor.

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