Bike tour from Berlin to Potsdam and back

I was out to shoot sculptures yesterday, and I caught them all – always a happy surprise. Biked west of the lakes on my way to Potsdam, and east of them on my way back.

Too many bike paths: They’re always bumpy and they often only exist for like 500 meters, after which you’ll have to cross the road and continue on the other side. On my way back it was almost tragic: The tour’s only long downhill slope (the landscape here is very flat) and the bike path so bumpy (from roots, mainly) that there were even warning signs saying it was bumpy. I find this sad! Won’t choose this route again.

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  • Total time: 13:00 – 19:30 = 6,5 hours
  • Biking time: 3 hours, 37 minutes
  • Distance: 85,6 km (53,2 miles)
  • Average speed: 23,7 kph (14,7 mph)
  • Max speed: 51,0 kph (31,7 mph)

1970s sculpture.

Unexpected find at Falkenseer Platz – from 1960.

Glienicker Brücke – famous for its spy swaps during the cold war.

Under the bridge.

Schlosspark Glienicke (the rest of the photos too).

7 thoughts on “Bike tour from Berlin to Potsdam and back

  1. I’m glad you’re documenting all these sculptures before they’re banned. Next time you’re in Gothenburg, make sure you visit the Liseberg amusement park as well. 😉

  2. I don’t think we need to worry about them being banned, kafoe. First step should be to move them to spots where less people can see them, but not even that is happening yet.

    Ok, I realize you’re not dead serious, but the fact that I take your comment seriously says something about what we have come to expect nowadays, doesn’t it?

    As for Gothenburg, I was there on May 27, 1994. Isn’t that enough? 😉

  3. Ja, also der ganze Schlosspark Glienicke ist ziemlich schön, fast märchenhaft. Der ist gar nicht groß; die Säulen findest du also ganz einfach. Es gab nicht viele Besuchern als ich da war, ein Samstag nachmittag. Ich kann jedenfalls ein Besuch empfehlen!

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