Malaysian cartoonist arrested

This just in:

KUALA LUMPUR – A MALAYSIAN political cartoonist said on Friday he had been arrested under the Sedition Act and his offices raided by police over his new book, just hours before its planned launch.

Zulkifli Anwar Ulhaque – better known as Zunar – uses cartoons to highlight contentious issues such as the sodomy trial of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and police shootings.

Mr Zunar said police seized 70 copies of his latest book, called ‘Cartoon-O-Phobia’, at his home and held him ahead of its scheduled launch on Friday evening.

I expect that the Swedish authorities will express their support for the Malaysian authorities in their fight for suppressing “seditious” cartoons. Swedish law forbids naked 17-year-olds in comics because they are “offensive”. Malaysian law seems to use the same logic.

This shows that there are certain issues that can unite Christian and Muslim nations. Together we will win the war against indecent comics!

Found via today’s Journalista.

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