Another Internet-free day

It was rainy and I was hungover, so I spent the day mostly at home, studying Japanese (lesson 2 in book 3 of Japanese From Zero) and reading in Donald Richie’s The Japan Journals. Richie just might be my next literary discovery, along with … well, let’s get back to that later.

Then I roamed the streets of Neukölln in a Chrysler 300 with my friend P, who describes himself as a “slave of capitalism”.

After Meyman dinner with P and his friend, I got home to watch my fourth Ozu movie and an episode of Cheers season 5. (Yes, I awoke my computer to watch the videos, but I detached the network cable first. I’m such a good boy.)

Then even more Japanese studies, this time from Let’s Learn Kanji, which has given me a better first impression than Japanese From Zero did. A review will follow when I’ve started out with it for real.

Yeah, it was a good Internet-free day! (Read about my first IFD here.)

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