Two months of Japanese studies

Yes, it’s the 18th again, my Japanese birthday since it was on August 18th, 2010, that I began to study Japanese. So I’m turning 2 months today – happy birthday, Karl-san! 🙂 (One month post here.)

I thought I’d introduce you to a language learning community today. It’s called Lang-8 and is a great place for everyone who is learning a language.

The idea of Lang-8:

  1. You write texts in the language that you study, and your texts are corrected by people who have that language as their mother tongue.
  2. You correct texts that other users have written in your mother tongue.

It’s such a brilliant idea. Incidentally, I had it myself back in 2002, when I sketched the outlines of a site I called Teach Me – peer 2 peer language studies:

Språkstudier peer-2-peer! En webbplats där man registrerar sig. Vilka språk kan man, vill man lära ut eller lära sig? Osv. Grundidén är att webbplatsen ska funka precis som de lappar som sitter på universitet runt om i världen: ”Jag är portugis. Om du lär mig tjeckiska så lär jag dig portugisiska.” Detta fantastiska utbyte av kunskaper som båda vinner på. Men problemet har varit för dessa människor att hitta varandra. Internet har hjälpt folk i en mängd andra situationer och fört samman personer med samma intresse osv. Men något sådant här finns ännu inte. Det vet jag eftersom jag i så fall hade varit reggad direkt!

I’m so happy to see the idea up and working, pretty much as I pictured it. Though, I must admit, I had an additional centralized (= expensive) twist to it.

I’m sure there are more communities like this one, but Lang-8 is perfect for me since it has plenty of Japanese users. But there are also plenty of Swedish journal entries for me to correct. I love it!

If you’re interested, read my Japanese journal. And start your own in the language you are studying. If it’s Swedish, make me your friend and I’ll look forward to tutor you!

And here’s the guy from who showed me Lang-8:

I look forward to exploring the rest of his list, but as I’ve pointed out before: Don’t underestimate the hours you spend with your text book! So I’m getting back to that one now, to finish lesson 2 in Japanese From Zero 3. さようなら!

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