Japanese Cinema: 3x Akira Kurosawa

Next up in my personal Japanese film festival is the most famous of all Japanese film makers, Japan’s Bergman: Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998). I watched these 3 films of his:

  • 七人の侍 (Shichinin no samurai/Seven Samurai, 1954)
  • 用心棒 (Yojimbo aka The Bodyguard, 1961)
  • 乱 (Ran, 1985)

All three are included in 501 Must See Movies, a book that isn’t perfect (since A Streetcar Named Desire isn’t in it) but nevertheless works as some kind of reference.

All of them were entertaining, but I liked Seven Samurai the best.

Ran is a 2:40 long epic, loosely based on Shakespeare’s King Lear. The battle scenes are quite spectacular.

Yojimbo reminded me of an American western, and that’s why I liked it the least.

If Ozu shares some light on the modern life of the Japanese, Kurosawa does the same with the way of the Samurai.

Not much more to say about him. I mean, I can see the greatness of his films, but on a personal level I wasn’t that convinced. I prefer Ozu to Kurosawa.

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