Japanese Cinema: 2x Takeshi Kitano

Five years ago, I happened to see two films by Takeshi Kitano (born 1947):

  • 菊次郎の夏 (Kikujiro, 1999)
  • Takeshis’, 2005

The background to the first one, as I put it in my old Swedish blog on January 30, 2005:

I går vaknade jag med en ångest som jag nästan aldrig upplevt så starkt tidigare. Jag köpte med mig två woker och åkte till J. Vi såg den fina filmen Kikujiro – en underbar bakisrulle – och drack en siciliansk Nero d’Avola.

In short, Kikujiro is a wonderful movie to watch with a good friend as the mellow hangover from yesterday merges into the next wave of liquor. (Who is J, you wonder? I tell you: Johan Haza!) I don’t remember much from the story, but there was a man and a boy, random travel and the search for something. Sounds good, right? It was.

Later that year, we saw Takeshis’ at the Stockholm Film Festival. A film written, directed, edited by and starring Takeshi. I hated it.

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