3 months of Japanese studies: This is a sad day!

Dear people,

I’m still on chapter 2 in book 3 of Japanese From Zero. Yes, that’s right. I haven’t studied at all this month.

How did this happen?

First of all, I thought I did it all a bit too fast. I devoted about 3-4 weeks to each book with 12-13 chapters, whereas one week per chapter would probably have been better for deep learning. So I figured I had missed a lot (which maybe I hadn’t!), and therefore set out to repeat old chapters from the first two books.

But it turned out I’m no good at repeating. I love the feeling of conquest. That’s what kept my studies going: The exhilaration of conquering chapter after chapter, book after book. It was a high! Whereas repeating was just plain boring.

I must also blame the books. They mix new grammar with exercises in a way that just become very, well, cluttered. It’s excellent for “conquest learning”, but it would have been easier to repeat from a kind of reference with only the grammar and words, not the exercises. I can suddenly see the point with Japanese learning resources that divide text books and exercise books, as Genki does.

Also, since Japanese From Zero uses the “progressive” method of replacing romaji with kana step by step, chapter by chapter, as new kana is learned, you have to read the romaji when you repeat what you’ve learned, which is irritating after you’ve learned the kana.

But those are just excuses.

Oh, and I have another one: I released my first book and travelled to Sweden for the release party on October 27. It was fantastic, but it took all my energy for some time.

Ok, just one more: I’m participating in this year’s Nanowrimo. But as of today, I’m a whole 9,000 words behind.

Oh, and then I watched some Japanese movies. 🙂

But mostly, I just lived like a cat: Sleeping, eating, and going to the cat disco.

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