Pier Paolo Pasolini: Amado Mio

Today I read the Swedish translation of one of Pasolini’s early novels: Amado Mio. Yes, it’s so short you can read it in a day – I finished it in three hours. What a contrast to Petrolio, which I left unread after a few tries.

It’s yet another wonderful story in the genre The Beautiful Boy as Destroyer, as Camille Paglia calls it. It’s set on the Italian countryside after WW2 (Pasolini wrote the manuscript in 1948). All villages are full of boys – beautiful and naughty boys who “do it” several times a day. The protagonist Desiderio meets the young farmer boy Benito, whom he names Iasís and whose beauty he becomes obsessed with.

I love the way Pasolini describes beauty, I love his passion and the way he makes beauty become a matter of life and death – as it is and should be! I wish I could quote, but that would be in Swedish.

Amado Mio is a must-read for any true aesthete and most of my loyal readers. The newly published Swedish edition is really beautiful too (and printed in only 500 numbered copies – I got #183), so it will look great in your reference library on beauty (don’t tell me you don’t have one!).

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  1. I’m definitely going to buy this one. I was about to leave a comment about it in the previous post, but the phone interrupted me. I didn’t know this had been translated to Swedish.

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