Guten Rutsch!

This is how they celebrate New Year’s Eve in Berlin: Lots of fireworks on the streets. I love it. No really, I love it! It’s like a war zone without the war; everyone is relaxed and happy. It was never this wild in Stockholm. The film clip doesn’t really capture it, but it gives you an idea of how everyone goes out and shoots rockets on the street at midnight (and pretty much the hours before and after too).

Last year, I celebrated with Oscar Swartz on Frankfurter Allee. This year I changed Friedrichshain for Neukölln and celebrated the new year on Sonnenallee. I hadn’t experienced the custom to shoot things inside before. This is what our entrance looked like afterwards:

Bonus photo of my friends – they will surely ask me to remove it very soon:

As they say here: Guten Rutsch!

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