Pornography – a thriller

I watched Pornography – a thriller the other day and wasn’t impressed:

A half-measure, unfortunately

The first half of the film is pretty exciting, let be a bit cheesy, but that’s part of the genre. Then it just gets weird in a “it was just a dream – or was it?” kind of way. Boring.

I got the impression the writer didn’t believe in his own script, thinking the basic story was too over the top to make it on its own. So he made a twist to save face as a serious movie-maker. Or something like that.

Sorry to be so negative about it, but just like another reviewer pointed out, this movie could have been so good with so little extra work done to it.

Technically it was well done, the acting/directing is okay too, I really just object to the script.

One can add that the scriptwriter and the director is the same person. Whenever this is the case, I get the feeling that it’s a good director who also wants to write the script – not the other way around. Scriptwriters are underrated.

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