The making of a 餅

Yesterday I attended a mochi (餅) event in Kreuzberg with my sensei (先生) and his friends. The mochi is a Japanese rice cake that is eaten at special occasions. It takes time to prepare the dough. Okawari, the organiser, describes it like this:

The steamed rice is smashed down with a big wooden hammer in a big stone bowl for long time!!! until it has the right consistence.

It was quite fun to see, but I can’t say I loved the cake. I was also told that about one thousand people die each year from eating mochi.

A Japanese girl asked me why I left half of my cake. Since I didn’t know how to explain it in Japanese (yes, I spoke Japanese for the first time outside my studies!), I just said: 死にたくないです。(I don’t want to die.)

But apparently, it is only old people who die when the cake gets stuck in their throats.

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