When will Tokyopop release Loveless volume 9?

I just finished Loveless volume 7, the English translation of the Japanese manga. Even if it felt a bit like a “transport” volume, I still liked it more than volume 6, which was more of a “background” volume. I already own volume 8, but I don’t look forward to the black hole of loss that I fear might open up beyond it. Because there is still no sight of volume 9 in English. Look at this timeline:

What are you doing, Tokyopop? It’s been well over a year since the Japanese volume came out, and the English translations always used to precede the German and French ones.

A user writes at the Tokyopop Loveless page:

So why do other countries get volume 9 of Loveless but we’re left hanging without so much as a word about it being released into English? Don’t add this to the ever growing long lists of series that have canceled due to ‘issues’. I’m forever being let down by this company, why pick up heaps more contracts when there are so many that have yet to be fulfilled? Tokyopop is a joke.

Is Tokyopop having an issue? I hope not!

Loveless was the first anime and manga I seriously watched/read, and subsequently fell in love with, in 2004 or 2005. I don’t remember how I discovered it, but I’m happy I did.

Wait a minute. Does this mean I’m supposed to read volume 9 in Japanese? God, you’re so hard on me!

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  1. The North American branch of Tokyopop is going out of business due to some very bad business choices (such as not publishing newer CLAMP manga and being tied to the failed Borders book store), so they’re not exactly publishing much anymore. I wouldn’t fear for Loveless, though– when the LA branch closes down entirely (or beforehand, most likely), I’m sure Loveless will be picked up by another company. It’s very popular, shounen-ai or not, and there will be riots if it doesn’t get continued, LOL

  2. I for one, would be one of those ‘rioters’ if they don’t publish volume 9 in English. I want to continue reading the story! Although I have been able to read English translation scans ( I presume of volumes 1-9) using the iMangaX app on my itouch, trying to read manga on such a tiny screen isn’t the same as holding the book in your hand.

    I hope someone will pick up this series and republish it. It’s so incredibly worth the trouble. I also recommend the DVD ( the complete series slim pack). I think I got it on amazon for around $25 and it’s got both the Japanese (with English subtitles) audio as well as English audio. Very affordable and covers approximately the first 7-8 volumes.

  3. I really hope somebody decides to pick up the series…
    As it is trying to find any of the manga is next to impossible. I count myself lucky that someone decided to give up their collection to Half Price Books, but I still can’t find the last three if the first eight really are all out there. It’s disappointing considering the series is one of my favorites.

  4. I have a collection of EVERYTHING that I could get my paws on. I have all 8 English manga, the DvD collection, and the very small amount of merch I’ve been able to find for such an obscure (and yet, unquestioningly loved by many) series. THERE WILL BE BLOOD if I cannot get a hold of the 9th and 10th volumes. >_<

  5. I bought the first volume of Loveless in Japanese when I was in Japan last week! Very hard to read though. Plus tons of Loveless doujinshi and special little albums by the master herself, Yun Kouga. 🙂

    I didn’t realise until now that a 10th volume has been released in Japan, apparently in May 2011. I’ll try to forget Tokyopop and read volume 9 and 10 in Japanese instead…

  6. If they dont hurry up and release volumes 9 and 10 they shall pay with there blood!!! I spent 2 1/2 years trying to find every volume and now i find out 9 and 10 arent even out its dissappointing…. I could just kill somebody lol….

  7. Well I think I have our answer people. Apparently Tokyopop shut down their US publishing center back in April, so they are no longer putting out manga for the American population and will have to waive their rights to publishing the manga they had the rights to.
    I hope they start up operations again or sell the rights to another publisher soon… 🙁

  8. I found what is allegedly a copy of volume nine in English on betterworldbooks. Have to buy it to be sure. Boy, will I be sad if it’s in Japanese.

  9. Found out Loveless volume 9 will be released on 9/11/2012. Viz media took over the rights to Loveless after Tokyopop shut down.

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