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I’m very busy at the moment, as friends and/or blog readers and business partners surely have noticed. I got the opportunity to do some paid work, which is always a nice change if you know what I mean.

So I’ve put everything on hold for a while; trips, publishing projects, my writing, etc. Everything except my Japanese studies. On the contrary, I’ve become even more devoted to them since I withdrew into this antisocial bubble.

Last night I changed my Japanese radio station from FM Tanabe to Shonan Beach FM. Maybe I was just very receptive, but I got more than just single words this time. I could make out small fractions of sentences, like:


(Good morning everyone! This morning …)


(The time is 6:28 …)


(From now on, it’s unfortunately already …)

Unfortunately (ざんねん) Shonan Beach plays much more music in English than FM Tanabe, where most of the songs are in Japanese. And this morning, there was only (English) music and no talk at Shonan Beach, so I’ve now switched back again to hear my regular High School show in the mornings.

Anyway, grasping larger parts than I had before, I realised that language learning is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. The more you devote yourself to it, the larger the parts you can fit together. Later on, those separate entities of three or four pieces (words) will connect to other entities, forming larger and larger blocks until one day the puzzle is solved. The difference is of course that with a language, you constantly get new pieces. But the principle is the same. I wonder when I will have solved my Japanese jigsaw puzzle.

Two days ago I received a package with new text books. The postman was kind enough to deliver it to me instead of the customs, as it said he is obliged to do on a note from the German Zollamt. Here are the unpacking photos:

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