Berlin Velothon test ride

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I’m thinking about whether I should participate in Škoda Velothon Berlin on 22nd May, 2011. The registration deadline is tomorrow. So today I took a ride along the shorter distance, 60 km, to see if I would be able to meet the requirement of a minimum average speed of 23 kph (14,3 mph). That turned out to be no problem – my average speed was 26,4 kph (16,4 mph). Okay, my bicycle computer only counts the speed while I’m rolling, not during the stops, which amounted to 20 minutes in total, mostly due to traffic lights. But on the other hand, during the real race there would be no stops.

  • Total time: 14:00 – 16:50 = 2 hours, 50 minutes
  • Biking time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
  • Distance: 65,8 km (40,9 miles)
  • Average speed: 26,4 kph (15,8 mph)
  • Max speed: 52,6 kph (32,7 mph)

Plus I didn’t count my trips to and from Brandenburger Tor, where the start and goal was. So if you add those 14 km I actually biked 80 km today. It was quite tempting to leave the route as I passed just 800 meters from my home, being in the last 10 kilometers and very tired. Biking to Brandenburger Tor almost the same route as I had done earlier in the day. I was really tired in the end. But of course I endured!

Jesus, Google Maps is so extremely buggy! Have been trying to add this route to my bike tours map for half an hour now without success. Or rather, the line grows thicker every time I try, so I probably added it three times on top of itself, but despite that it doesn’t fucking show up on the fucking map. And now I’ve got a headache! So I’ll leave you at that while I drink some more water and Apfelschorle and watch some anime.

No photos today – cause I was biking! 🙂 This was my first long trip this year. It’s nice to be back on the saddle!

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