Anime: 放浪息子

I just finished watching 放浪息子 (Hourou Musuko; Wandering Son), a Japanese anime based on a manga. As always, Wikipedia sums it up:

The story depicts a young boy named Shuichi Nitori who wants to be a girl, and his friend Yoshino Takatsuki, a girl who wants to be a boy. The series deals with issues such as transsexuality, gender identity, and the beginning of puberty.

It’s a beautiful anime, not only because of the sensitive way it deals with the issues mentioned above, but also because it’s painted in water colours. It’s also a kind of slow anime, perfect to spend time together with on a mellow afternoon. But most of all, I found 放浪息子 convincing and touching. I scored it 8 out of 10 at MyAnimeList, where I’ve started to document my anime adventure. (I haven’t really watched much anime until recently.)

Here is a trailer:

[iframe 630 358]


An extra quality to 放浪息子 is added by the voice actors, and especially 畠山航輔 (Hatakeyama Kousuke – written with his family name first as the Japanese do it), who does the protagonist. Often in anime, young males’ voices are done by women. Such is the case in Loveless for example. Or, if the boy is past puberty, their voices are done by older male actors, as is the case in Junjou Romantica, where the 18 and 29 year olds’ voices are done by 35 and 50 year old actors. But in 放浪息子, the main character’s voice is done by a real and very talented 14-year-old boy. That makes a difference to me. Especially since he even looks like Nitorin:

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