Safari drives me mad

I just want it to work. It doesn’t.

Safari eats memory and gets slower and slower the longer you use it and the more windows you have open. Sometimes I spend minutes (at least half minutes) waiting for a new window to appear when I toggle through windows. The only thing I see is the rainbow-coloured ball, the most consistent feature of Mac OS X.

My Imac is from 2007. I guess that’s pretty old. But still. I have maximum ram. And it’s fast enough for the graphic design I do. But to surf the web in Safari is apparently much more demanding. And yes, I have installed Click to Flash.

I’m just a human being. I just want to surf the web.

Why is this happening? Why is Safari slowing down not only my computer but *myself*, since I have to stare on the screen every time I wait, since just maybe, the wait won’t be half a minute this time. (But it always is.)

I think it’s happening for a reason. It’s telling us that we can’t rely on technology, that old values like being moral and Lutheran in your desktop hygiene wasn’t such bad ideas after all.

We must impose window hygiene. Close a window after you’ve opened it. Don’t let it linger in the background cause you want to “read it later”. Not only does it slow down Safari, it also adds to my bad consciousness over not getting things done. So I must be moral and get it done immediately instead. Read that article. Act upon that window that is open only as a kind of reminder of something you need to do.

Then I must impose the shutting down rule. Remember when computers were shut down at the end of the day? Maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea. It’s the digital equivalent of cleaning your desk when you leave work. Maybe that’s what Safari is telling me I should go back to.

I tried Chrome. It wasn’t as slow as Safari, but had other problems, the main one being a total anarchy when toggling through windows. It was usually impossible to get to the window you wanted through toggling; you had to use the mouse – I hate the mouse! – to go to the MENUUUUUUUU and choose the window you wanted.

And Chrome also slowed down after a while, when you had many windows open, despite Google’s fancy cartoon (I read all of it) said each window would sort of run on its own motor. What happened when Chrome slowed down was … nothing! You entered the address and pressed enter and Chrome wouldn’t register it. You had to be SLOW with Chrome. I learned to type the address, then wait 2-3 seconds, and then press enter. What’s the point with a browser that renders the pages fast if you have to wait for several seconds before the page starts rendering? The whole thing reminded me of the old times with Quark Xpress, where you couldn’t work too fast, since you knew the program would crash then. (Why don’t Adobe make a web browser btw? I’m usually no fan of monopolism, but when the alternatives are Safari and Chrome – be my guest!)

Another problem with Chrome was the URL auto-fill function. It became increasingly slow, and it was often faster just to type the URL by hand instead of typing f, waiting 5, 10, 15 seconds, and then seeing Facebook come up as the suggestion.

Or aren’t you supposed to have 50 windows open at the same time? You should see my desk – my real one I mean. I have my own kind of order. Apple and Google obviously don’t approve. They say: Clean up your desk!

So now I’ll try to start living by those standards. I will close down windows that I don’t need (despite I use them every day), and I will quit the browsers at the end of the day. In short, I will be moral. And I hate it.

Footnote: This post was written quickly and in anger! I have not edited my lousy English and I have not even read it through. Why should I? I don’t have any ambitions with this blog anyway. That’s the spirit!


7 thoughts on “Safari drives me mad

  1. Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, UBUNTU.

    I generally boast “I have been completely Windows-free for two years.”

    Also runs on Macs.

    Ubuntu + Firefox + 50 windows? No problem.

    Live your way.

  2. Wow, Rimmer on Linux – love it!

    In fact, more and more friends are switching to Linux. I will start running it on my Imac as soon as I find the time and inspiration to do so. 🙂

    But I must also say that I like this minimalistic and moral lifestyle of closing windows. At the moment I had 10 windows open but just closed 3 of them – 2 unimportant and 1 article that I was reading, but figured I already got the gist of it and don’t need to finish it. YES, I like the lifestyle of throwing away stuff. (I’ve applied this to my physical life as well – I might get back to that.)

    And now I closed a Google Translate window that I had forgotten about, and now I’m gonna post this and then CLOSE!

  3. Switching from OS X to Ubuntu should be quite painless with the now standard Unity desktop environment. I upgraded just the other day, but I’m not sure I like it. I love the global menu in Unity (when it works) but it’s still a bit buggy and doesn’t feel quite finished.

    If you are looking for minimalism, there are plenty of Linux options to suit your needs! 🙂

    My personal OS preference is CrunchBang Linux with the very light and simple window manager OpenBox.

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