Whatever works!

My life has been devoid of culture lately, as I’ve been quadruple working and having visitors. So in my first free afternoon and evening in a long time, I first biked the Velothon route again, despite I knew it would rain, and then took a hot shower, made some tea and re-watched Whatever Works.

Whatever Works is my absolute favourite among Woody Allen movies, although I haven’t seen his early ones for a while. In recent years, the main character in his movies was always played by some young and famous actor who just couldn’t master the role that Allen so obviously wrote for himself. They just said the words without understanding them. I hated it. Putting Larry David, whom I’m a big fan of since watching all seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, in Woody Allen’s role is just brilliant. He’s the only one so far who can pull it off!

Add a classic Woody Allen script that, as always, deals with existential questions in the ways of light comedy, and you get the ultimate feel-good movie.

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