9 months of Japanese studies

Oh God, is it already that time of the month? Yes it is! Today I’ve studied Japanese for exactly 9 months. It’s been quite a lazy month though, study-wise. Cause I was busy with so much else.

I haven’t made any progress at all in my text books during the last month, but I did meet two Japanese girls for tandem training, after having advertised on a board at a German language school. First I met one with whom I spoke Japanese for half an hour, and then English (since she wanted to learn English) for the other half of the time. Then I met one who wanted to learn German, so we first spoke German and then Japanese. Of course, my German sucks, but what the heck, it worked and she got her conversation training.

As for my sensei, he’s in Japan for two weeks. So I will try to be good without him.

I still wake up to Tanabe FM every morning. I still hardly get anything. But I recognise more words, and now I’m so used to every show beginning with saying the day of the week, the time, “today’s subject”, etc, that I get much of the “frame” of the show so to speak.

That’s all for now. Here is this month’s Iknow progress so far (with the upper bar summing up the totals since January):

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