Bike tour from Brandenburg via Nauen and Oranienburg to Bernau (116 km)

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It was last Sunday and I had fun. More exactly, I woke up at 4:55 AM, took the Regionalbahn from Ostbahnhof at 5:59, and arrived in Brandenburg at 7 AM sharp. Yes, that was a bit early. But I wanted to get out on the roads early on a Sunday morning, so I could bike on the roads when they are the most empty.

Why Brandenburg?

Because I had checked the winds, and they would blow with a steady 3-4 meters per second from southwest. So I decided to bike from southwest to the northeast.

Why these bike tours at all?

Because I follow this advice!

The stats:

  • Distance: 116 km (72 miles)
  • Average speed: 27,3 kph (16,9 mph)
  • Max speed: 50,2 kph (31,2 mph)
  • Biking time: 4 hours, 16 minutes
  • (Total time: 7:00 – 12:40 = 5 hours, 40 minutes)

Here are some photos from the tour. I shot some of them while biking:

A boat in Brandenburg at about 7:10 AM.

Wind power!

Not much going on in Nauen at 8.15 AM.

One reason why I avoid bike paths; sooner or later they always force you to a stop.

Road 273 was dug up in Oranienburg, but I could pass with my bike. On the sign you can see that I was pretty close to the concentration camp Sachsenhausen.

The kinky stuff that people in the country fill their miserable lives with.


4 thoughts on “Bike tour from Brandenburg via Nauen and Oranienburg to Bernau (116 km)

  1. I never used to check the winds, but it was great to do so (I did it at Donnerwetter), since the route was egal to me anyway – I just prefer not to change trains that early in the morning.

    The bike paths actually looked very good on many stretches.

    What bike do you have?

    Incidentally, I dreamed about YOU tonight! Probably because I had just blogged and figured you would be the only one to appreciate this post. You were living in a WG with a homophobic cop. 😉

  2. Ah, sweet. No, he was only discriminating against me. :/

    I’m very curious about what a 4 kg lighter bike would do for my biking experience. Currently looking at “Einsteiger” road bikes that weigh around 9,5 kg, compared to my 13,5 kg Stevens Randonneur.

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