10 months of Japanese studies – less studies, more conversation

I’m one day late with this post and not really in the mood to write it. I haven’t studied much in the last month, I’m afraid. I moved in to my new apartment, and what else? Don’t remember.

However, I had plenty of conversation training; a whole 7 tandem sessions with コウヘイ, who has become my main tandem partner – each of our sessions is 2 hours. I also spent Karneval der Kulturen with コウヘイ and his Japanese girlfriend – that was a blast to speak Japanese for a whole day! And some English, naturally.

I also met my tandem partner みずき 3 times, but she went back to Tokyo today.

Next week, I’ll meet two new tandem partners, as well as あゆみ, whom I’ve met once before, and コウヘイ of course.

In addition to the tandem training, I’ve had 2 paid tutoring sessions with my tutor 真吾. I actually said no this week, since it’s important that I study before these sessions in order to get the most out of them.

Iknow status: 989 items (words) started, 733 mastered. I’m about to finish step 5 and 6, and have just started step 7 of Japanese Core 1000, which contains the 1,000 most commonly used words in Japanese (100 of them per step).

And today (one day late, I know, so I can’t really count it), I studied chapter 7 in Elementary Japanese.

As for Genki II, I think I’m at chapter 16, somewhere in the middle of it. Yeah, that must be right. And I’m about to finish the exercises to that chapter in the workbook, or if I’m still at chapter 15 in the workbook …

Suddenly it all became so blurry.

Anyway, wish me good luck with my next month, the 11th! In only two months I will have studied Japanese for a year, but I also feel that is a great responsibility! When that date comes, I feel I should provide you with some sort of proof of my success/failure.

PS: I’ve watched some anime as well. Which ones you can see on my anime list.

3 thoughts on “10 months of Japanese studies – less studies, more conversation

  1. Cool, Erik. Even though I’m a bit disappointed that you didn’t choose Japanese, I can see how Arabic makes more sense to you. I was tempted to start as well.


    = please do your best 🙂

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