Improvised bike tour with FKK bonus!

I’ve worked a lot with web design and programming in the last days, and finally got my old mailing list to work. So after sending out lots of e-mails to my old customers, I’ve spent yesterday and today receiving orders and sending out books. It’s been hard work – but I have loved every bit of it. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I finally broke even – hooray!!!

Tonight after I had posted today’s orders at the post office, I felt the energy dwelling up inside me, as so often. I needed a beer badly, but none of my friends were available. So instead I jacked in to my ipod and biked away. I biked through Brandenburger Tor, then followed the route from the Velothon to Ernst-Reuter-Platz, continued all the way to Olympiastadion, and then chose a little road called Am Postfenn that I had seen on a map at a bus stop. That road was such a gem! Almost no traffic – except for other cyclists – and downslopes all the way down to the lake Havel. This is where I became one with my ipod. The build-up from 1:36 to 2:12 of Sonny J’s Can’t Stop Moving synced perfectly with the best downslope ever – I’m pretty sure I took the slight curve in 50+ kph. My first boyfriend used to say that he was never as happy as when he danced. Well, I’m never as happy as when I bike. True!

As I came down to the road by the lake, I couldn’t resist biking down the grass slope to the water. It was 8 pm and the sun was setting. The little patch of beach I had come to was deserted. What could I do but take off all my clothes and skinny dip in the refreshing water. It was lovely! Took a while to dry without a towel, but who cares.

My little solo FKK beach.

No data for today, as the trip was improvised. No bike computer, no helmet, no water (I stopped at two “spätis” to buy that – I always ask for non-refrigerated water as that is easier to drink). But according to Google Maps the trip was approximately 50 km.

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