Another tour to the Havel

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Bike route 1116793 – powered by Bikemap

Yeah, it was a nice ride! 64 km, average speed 26 kph. Had a road biker before me and one behind me for a long time. I simply couldn’t catch up with the one before me, and the one behind me couldn’t catch up with me. Yet we remained within viewing distance for about 10 kilometers.

The route was more or less like the Velothon route. In the end I biked on the landing runway of former airport Tempelhof, which is now a park. The big cross on the picture probably signals to pilots that this is not an airstrip anymore. It was so lovely to bike here! Recently I’m always filled with awe when I fly and the pilot fuels the engines and lifts the plane. What a feeling that must be! Being on a runway myself and pumping away as fast as I can is probably the closest I will ever come to lifting a jet. Happiness!

PS: As you can see, I’ve just started to explore Seems much smoother than the regular Google Maps maps that I used to use.

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