Evening tour in southern Berlin and into Brandenburg

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Bike route 1122976 – powered by Bikemap

Biked the wrong way twice (you can see the strange lines a bit north from Blankenfelde). Average speed 26,8 kph. Boring area. Really boring! But I was amazed at the expensive bike paths everywhere. (I used and enjoyed them this time.) I’m pretty sure that has to do with former East Germany. But it’s really sick. They should spend those money on bike paths/lanes in Berlin city instead, where they are a mess.

The nice bike path where Brandenburg had just begun.

Phat bike path!

Some roads weren’t that bad either.

Birkholz, a very small “dorf”. Birkholz means birchwood.

When I biked the wrong way I passed Interflug – a “kleingartenanlage” close to airport Schönefeld. (Interflug was the state airline of GDR.)

State of the art bike path – looks expensive!

I was so relieved to finally see this sign after having lost my way twice.

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