Browser wars: Why Safari 5.1 is a turd and I’m switching back to Chrome – again

Imagine spending 10 hours a day talking to a good friend. But sometimes that friend suddenly becomes silent – stops listening, stops talking – for half a minute, a minute, 2 minutes. He does this all the time. And always when you’re about to make your point. Sometimes he just loses it and forces you to start all topics from the beginning.

I’ve had such a friend for the last weeks. His name is Safari 5.1.

It just doesn’t work!

If you had such a friend – wouldn’t you consider switching, at least if there are other friends standing in line, just waiting for you to choose them as your daily conversation partner?

In more detail, Safari 5.1 has a problem called “web pages are not responding”. It will show you a dialogue that forces you to reload all web pages in all windows and tabs. As someone remarked in this thread about the issue:

This is the type of error message I’d expect to see in a Windows OS.

Indeed. User Bluespacecow explained why this happens:

To understand why this comes up you need to understand how the Safari processes have been redesigned for version 5.1

Historically plugins have been a leading cause of many a Safari crash. So in Safari 4 Apple seperated Safari into 2 processes – one of Safari itself and it’s renderer and the other for it’s plugins to run in.  This meant that if the plugin crashed it Safari would in theory continue to function.

This of course ignored the other ways in which a web page can crash a browser so in Safari 5.1 Apple separated things even further. Now  Safari is separated into 3 processes – The Safari app comprimising of the windows, menus, tabs, bookmarks and URLs of what’s loaded in each tab/window, our old friend from above WebkitPluginAgent and a new process just for the web page renderer. This new process is called “Safari Web Content”

What you’re seeing here is when the Safari Web Content process crashes on the content of a page for any reason.

Safari can detect when this happens and automatically restarts the process. When you click back into a window or tab where you had web page stuff loaded before it gets reloaded.

Not that it matters in the end why it happens. I agree with user black6:

Safari 5.1 is a real turd to be honest.

black6 continues:

I really like the new gestures of safari, full screen and it’s integration into the machine but if it can’t perform the fundamental basics of web browsing then what’s the point of all that bling?

Exactly! Remember how much I hated Safari in May? With the new updates, I started to use it because of Chrome’s unfixed toggle through windows-anarchy. But know what, since 5.1, Safari has exactly the same problem.

Seriously, how hard can it be to program a program that can toggle through windows in the right order? Seriously? I bet i could do it myself in Basic!

Ok, so I’m going back to Chrome for a while, despite I’m not a big fan of Google.

And for the record: Microsoft Word has been on the decline since 1992. True story!

Just fucking make it work, Apple.

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