Premiere ride with my new Caad10

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I’ve had a severe PTC (post-trip cold) since I got back from Japan. (Plus I’ve picked up some printed matter in Prague!) So it wasn’t until today I could test-ride my new bike. It’s a Cannondale Caad10 with Shimano 105 gears, and it’s my first road bike – I decided to buy one after biking the Berlin Velothon in May 2011. I made plenty of research before choosing this model – it seems to be the perfect choice for a road bike newbie.

The premiere ride was cold. Very much so. I had checked the winds – they would come from the south-east. So I decided to bike from Ludwigsfelde via Potsdam to Nauen – 50 km. However, I had forgotten to check the temperature. It was around zero when I started out. There was frost on the fields. I had short tights and a long-armed t-shirt over my jersey. Actually, that was okay – you get warm when you start pumping the pedals really hard. But my fingers froze so much I had to stop in Potsdam. The good news was I could go home on the same tickets.

My morning today:

  • 6.30: Get up, shower, shave, have breakfast.
  • 7.10: Leave home.
  • 7.41: Regionalbahn from Berlin to Ludwigsfelde (5,10 euro including the bike ticket).
  • 8.15: Start biking after a coffee in Ludwigsfelde.
  • 9.21: Regionalbahn from Potsdam to Berlin.
  • 10.25: Hot shower at home!
  • 11.41: Blogging about it.

In any case, it was wonderful to mount my Caad10. Even though the ride sucked because of the cold, I could sense the potential and very much feel how the Caad10 answered to my power in a way that can’t be compared to my regular bike. Less things, in short. More power.

I watched the sun rise from the train.

My Cannondale Caad10. It’s the 2012 model of course!

Does it look cold? It was!

Frost everywhere.

Arriving in Potsdam – hello my winterland!

Very good news – it fits in the elevator.

One thought on “Premiere ride with my new Caad10

  1. Hi, I’m a cyclist from Potsdam and have found this entry by searching for experiences with Cannondale’s CAAD10. Thanks for this first impression, I’ve got the feeling that I HAVE to buy this kind of racing machine :).

    Btw: I was biking in this region yesterday, too, but in the afternoon ;).

    Btw II: Not my website (don’t have) but this one of my cycling club

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