Arriving in Tokyo – again!

Tokyo is fiercer than can be shown in pictures, and I’m thrilled beyond words to be back! So far I’m mainly jetlagged though, so since I arrived this morning I’ve just slept a bit in my 2,900 yen a night (28 euro!) hotel room (just above capsule standard!) and taken a short stroll through Akihabara as the shops were beginning to close.

I’m here for business this time. Of course, pleasure is my business, so it’s going to be a lot of fun. I decided after my first trip to Japan in October that I didn’t want another tourist trip in such a short time. I wanted to set up meetings with Japanese people who work in the same areas as I do. And so I’ve done – with much language help from my Japanese friend in Berlin.

I’m also going to film a music video with a friend of mine, plus meet all my Japanese friends that I got last time. Let the fun begin!

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