I ♥ Japanese food

Food is one of the things I love with Japan – and hate with Germany. 😉 Here are some of the dishes I had during my December trip to Tokyo.

The first photos are from an “izakaya” that specialised in sake. I was taken there by a Japanese-American friend of mine, but only remembered to document our first course.

The next pictures are from a cheap lunch joint in Akihabara – I went there with my Swedish friend Petter and his Okinawan friend Mikayo.

Rice balls from Seven Eleven – my favourite!

Then lots of small dishes that me and my friend Hideki were served at an exclusive restaurant with traditional Japanese food. Aren’t they beautiful!

A bean burger from Freshness Burger in Shinjuku – I had two of those in one night.

And the last shot from our trip back to Europe – Petter of course managed to upgrade us to Economy Extra, where they kept the Champagne coming…

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