1,5 years of Japanese studies – passed the JLPT N5!

Today I’ve studied Japanese for exactly 1,5 years – I began on 18th August 2010. In December last year I wrote the JLPT – Japanese-Language Proficiency Test. I wrote the N5, which is the lowest level of five. The results came timely for my 1,5 years celebrations, cause they arrive yesterday. And I passed! 🙂

Here are the details. Keep in mind the scores are not the actual raw scores, but scaled scores. I actually thought I did better than this, but nevermind. 😉 At least I got A’s in all sections. That means I got at least two thirds of the answers right.

An important mark has been passed! In July I’ll conquer the N4 level in Hamburg. (JLPT can be written twice a year, but Berlin only offers the December test.)

In other studies, I’ve kept up vocabulary training with Iknow – here’s my Iknow status as of today:

I’ve also kept up my tandem training with Kohei.

What I’ve done less of is grammar. I’m currently on chapter 18 in Elementary Japanese, volume 2. But I’m doing Genki II simultaneously.

Last week I started teaching Swedish to Germans at a language school. Yeah, I got a sudden offer and thought I should accept as a way to get out of my comfort zone. (A job that demands I leave my flat is unusual – and good – for me!) I’ve only had two lessons so far, with two different groups, but they’ve demanded plenty of preparations, not to mention anxiety – I’ve never teached before! So I’ve sort of abandoned Japanese for Swedish in the last week. 😀

Anyway, that’s it. In the next few months you’re hopefully going to see some concrete examples of how I’ve put my fresh Japanese knowledge to use. Now, back to your text book, Karl!

6 thoughts on “1,5 years of Japanese studies – passed the JLPT N5!

  1. Jag har bara skrivit 一級 en gång för många år sen – och kört. Vill gärna försöka igen, men då måste jag ta mig till Köpenhamn, ett projekt på vinst och förlust.

  2. Iggy – du har alltså skrivit motsvarande N1 på den tiden? Klart du ska försöka igen. Skriv i Berlin så blir både resan och boendet billigare än i Köpenhamn. Plus att jag bor här. 🙂

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