First spring bike trip!

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Berlin is getting warmer and less rainy. For today the Deutsche Wetterdienst had issued this warning:

Winds of 50-60 kph – a great opportunity to get out for spring’s first bike trip! Since the winds came from the west, I biked east. And yeah, it was pretty nice! Strong tailwind almost all the time.

I had no plan as I got out, but had looked at the map yesterday. So I happened to bike all the way to Fürstenwalde – 52 kilometers with an average speed of 25,7 kph (44,3 maximum) – and took the RE-train back for 8,20 euro (5,20 for me and 3 for the bike). Very convenient.

Btw, I used my old bike cause neither me or my road bike were prepared for a real Cannondale Caad10 experience. This was more like an improvised little teaser. And here are the photos:

I passed S-bahnhof Berlin Schöneweide.

Dahme, the stream before entering Köpenick. Dahme (だめ) means “no good” in Japanese.

My GPS Garmin Edge 800. And oh, I’m a velophile.

Coffee break in a Norma supermarket in Müggelheim.

Lots of little streams in the nature reserve Gosener Wiesen.

Gosener Kanal.

Nice layout.

The concept of spring is always nicer than reality.


Vintage graffiti, cute.

The church in Neu Zittau. Sorry for the focus, I’m taking these images as I’m biking, and I’m using an old Nokia N73 mobile camera that is so slow that the picture is taken about 2 seconds after I push the button.

My first photo attempt of that church, you can see the door of it top left.

Dark clouds were approaching. This is also in Neu Zittau.

I found a smart way to cross Berliner Ring – the autobahn.


Crossing Berliner Ring.

A house.

A supercool bike path called Spree Radweg, or was it Spreewald Radweg?


The last photo – soon I would approach Fürstenwalde.

3 thoughts on “First spring bike trip!

  1. I think of getting myself such a GPS thingy too after I drove in the wrong direction a few times yesterday, but it seems so expensive…
    Do you use a heart rate monitor and speed sensor? (because it shows your calories in the screenshot above..)

  2. good to hear you’re out too 🙂

    i use the Garmin Ege 800.

    i think i bought a slightly more expensive bundle that included a chest band and a speed/cadence sensor, but the speed is more properly measured by the gps itself anyway. and i didn’t use the chest band on this trip, so it must have calculated my calories in some standard way… all in all, i haven’t got out much since i bought it…

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