Stockholm vs Tokyo beverage prices

(Swedish) people often ask me: “But isn’t Tokyo really expensive?”

I usually reply: “Yes it is. But not as expensive as Stockholm.”

Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit. But on average, I think Stockholm and Tokyo are quite the same pricewise. Of course, I haven’t managed to have a coffee in Stockholm for 5,82 euro. But I also haven’t managed to order a regular beer in Tokyo for 8,96 euro.

Hand-brewed coffee in Tokyo Shimokitazawa: 630 yen = 5,82 euro.

Tapped beer at Stockholm Arlanda airport: 79 sek = 8,96 euro.

2 thoughts on “Stockholm vs Tokyo beverage prices

  1. You can’t compare prices at an airport, everything in the airport is ridiciously expensive. A normal red bull costs 15 sek (average), in an airport it costs 25 sek. You can easily get a beer in Stockholm for 39 sek if you know where to look.

  2. This is not a scientific report – it’s a witty blog post, or an attempt to entertain if you will. I think everyone knows airports are expensive, just like coffee bars where your coffee is being hand-brewed for 10 minutes before your very eyes are more expensive than regular cafés. But now I was deliberately picking out the record prices I’ve managed to pay for the respective beverages, airport or not.

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