4 thoughts on “The shopping shot

  1. Sweet arrows! 🙂

    Left one is a doujinshi by Tsukumo Gou, the manga artist that I’m publishing (official release on all my blogs + the shop tonight hopefully!).

    Top one: A figure of Pico and Chico of the infamous Boku no Pico series. The package even included all dvd’s, though I didn’t know that until I unpacked it. 😛

    Right arrow: Don’t know! A LABI saleswoman tried to explain it to me, but I didn’t get it. But it says “Anti-Spying, for your privacy” on it. :O Will report. My favourite is the yellow air ioniser, but that one deserves an own post.

  2. Oh, I really look forward to that shota manga, it’s about time we get some in Europe!

    There are Boku no Pico figures!? 😮 Well, of course there are! This definitely gets onto my list for my friend to look out for when he’s going to Japan this summer! (he was the one who spotted your Shota in Prinz Eisenherz btw, he said he could tell immediately by the design that you’re behind it ;p)

    Privacy eh? Do report once you figured it out 🙂

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