Tokyo arrival in March 2012

This post is about 2 weeks late, but anyway, here’s some pictures from the first day of my third Japan trip. My first day is always about going to the hotel and sleeping for some hours. So that’s why these pictures are so boring. :O

Let’s Vitamin! A sweet wiedersehen.

Here I’m buying it!


Getting off at Shinjuku station.

Looking for my hotel (later in the night apparently).

Only two non-smoking floors – I got the 12th one.

Regular hotel room at Listel Shinjuku.

In the hotel’s drawer.

My view.

My dinner: an “egg dog”.

My desert: An ice cream lollipop.

Healthy kids on tv.

3 thoughts on “Tokyo arrival in March 2012

  1. The worst thing about this hotel was that the beds are only 190 cm instead of the usual 200 cm standard. The last time I encountered that was in India. If you’re tall like me, you don’t sleep well in those beds.

    1. If you like Shinjuku it’s a good location with walking distance to the entertainment areas. I always feel safe, but yeah, I guess this is a safe hotel and a safe area. Normal standard. I can recommend it!

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