Makode Linde Superstar!

I’m extremely proud of and impressed by my brilliant friend Makode, whose “genital mutilation cake” went viral over the last 24 hours and made the frontpages around the world:

BBC News: Swedish minister in ‘racist cake’ controversy

Mirror News: “A racist spectacle”: Swedish culture minister slammed for ‘black face’ cake

The Guardian: Swedish minister denies claims of racism over black woman cake stunt (with video)

New Statesman: The Swedish minister and the “racist cake”

Huffington Post: Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth Cake Controversy: Swedish Minister Of Culture Slammed For ‘Racist’ Cake (VIDEO)

San Francisco Chronicle: Swedish performance art against female circumcision in Africa has the whole world shocked

The whole scandal resulted in a bomb threat against the Modern Museum:

New York Daily News: Bomb threat at museum in Sweden caught in ‘racist cake’ scandal; Cake depicted naked African woman, featured actress in blackface

Washington Post: Modern art museum in Swedish capital evacuated after bomb threat

Fox News: Swedish museum evacuated after bomb threat

Makode himself gives some comments in Swedish media:

SvD: Konstnären: Jag ville förmänskliga tårtan

SVT: “Jag har använt mig av en nidbild av svarta”

Update: Watch Al-Jazeera’s interview with Makode!

Watch the hilarious video from the performance:

6 thoughts on “Makode Linde Superstar!

  1. I cannot believe that you would call the above video “hilarious”, and that you are “proud and impressed” by your “brilliant” friend.

    This piece of so called activism art has disgusted and irked people worldwide, myself included. You seem to think that a fervent reaction to it endorses it and absolves it of any wrongdoing. In fact, I fear the even worse probability that you think it has done its work because we are so mad.

    We are not angry because of the injustice this vile confectionery apparently calls us to pay attention to. We are angry because it is condescending, appalling, greatly perturbing and plain racist. And your reaction, my friend, is exactly the same. Makode, and now your words, upset me greatly.

  2. Much of Makode’s art deals with racism, let be in subtle ways that are bound to be misunderstood by less informed people, especially in a viral piece like this one, which is seen out of context for most people.

    I think one should always try to look beneath the initial provocation. Do your research. Makode is a hero for bringing issues such as racism to light.

  3. This is a very disquieting and rather brilliant performance piece – congratulations to Makode on his ingenious work.

    Like many ‘striking’ artworks that try to tackle big subjects, however, I wonder how successful it really is. To what extent does this really raise awareness of genital mutilation? The cleverness and irony of the artwork might actually obscure the issue it attempts to raise rather than shedding light on it: especially when the artwork in question is as spectacular and as horrific as this.

  4. I think the main purpose (for artists in general) might not be to raise awareness in the more concrete sense, but to comment on society. And to confront the viewer with his or her ideas about the world (prejudices, self image, etc). I don’t know the background to this particular piece of art, but I can see that it works on many levels. Not least the meta level of our Minister of Culture’s smiling picture being spread around the world. Personally I liked the Venus of Willendorf body.

  5. I can’t believe some people. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it or read it. No one is forcing you. This was SUPPOSED to be shocking, and he succeeded at bringing attention to his cause.

    I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but this is art. You will not always like it. You might hate it. But that’s, in a sense, what art is. Provoking.

    Personally I’m super-glad that she stood up and defended freedom of speech. I’m also glad, like I wrote previously, that we have people that push it and constantly challenge the public when it comes to freedom of speech.

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