Crossing Südring with my Caad10

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Note: If you click to see the details, you can choose metrics format instead of miles. And see how fast my heart beats…

For the first time, I drew a course at Garmin Connect, and transferred it to my GPS, a Garmin Edge 800. I was amazed at how easy to follow it was. As soon as I biked the wrong way, I got a little beep and a message saying “off course”. A GPS navigator for bikes doesn’t say “at the next crossing, turn left” etc (but I guess it can if I want it to), because it’s not necessary; since you bike slower than you drive a car, it’s easy to keep an eye on the line drawn on the map – that’s all navigation help you need.

I can’t really recommend this course. Just a few nice racing stretches, but mostly lots of cars, bad bike paths, and for a few kilometers, badly repaired cobblestones with no bike path! I had to bike at around 12 kph on those roads, but it’s good to know that my Caad10 (or rather the Schwalbe Lugano tires and Shimano RS10 rims) can take it.

Cannondale Caad10, 2012 model.

2 thoughts on “Crossing Südring with my Caad10

  1. I would recommend following some of the “Radfernwege” in Brandenburg, they are usually well maintained, (mostly) paved, dedicated bike paths, you can get GPS tracks here or here.
    I rode a bit today on the “Havelland Radweg”, but I had bad luck because I happened on the “Baumblütenfest Werder” – no getting though there, every street like this. Felt a bit like a mix of 1.Mai and Love Parade for drunk village nazis. Tens of thousands of them …

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