Caad10 bike trip around Wannsee

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It’s really fun to explore Garmin Connect. This time, instead of drawing a course of my own, I searched for other users’ courses in the area. I ended up with a 68 km route around Wannsee that user Benicon had biked the previous Sunday: Um den Wannsee. I loaded my Edge 800 with his course and biked to his starting point. Then I set out.

It wasn’t until I got home that I saw how extremely close we were timewise. He biked the course in 2 hours, 26 minutes and 34 seconds. I biked it in 2 hours, 26 minutes and 32 seconds. Amazing! I had no idea, and the GPS didn’t help me follow his pace at all (though I guess it can). As you can see, I biked slightly longer – that’s because I biked the wrong way at a couple of places, but the GPS quickly redirected me with a discreet beep. Also, notice how much colder it was this Sunday! Quite terrible actually, I should have dressed warmer. The differences in elevation gain must be due to us using different GPS models, I guess. Mine is the latest so it should be accurate.

I actually biked 90 km, cause I had to bike about 10 kilometers before and after this course since it didn’t start and end in my area.

A couple of pictures (I mostly just biked):

Hate the stretches that look like this. There weren’t many of them though, and my Caad10 can apparently take it.

The famous Glienicker Brücke, where the spy exchanges between the West and the East took place.

In the elevator after the ride.

PS: Forgot my heart rate monitor on this ride.

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