Kanji flashcards holder

I love the kanji flashcards from White Rabbit Press. Studying kanji is an art in itself and it’s important to find a means that works = makes you study often and well, and remember what you’ve learned.

WRP works for me. The cards are stylish (always one of the main factors for me), the selection seems good, the radicals are explained, and – most important – there’s no romaji. (I hate romaji and refuse to use the book Let’s learn Kanji, which I purchased in the beginning of my studies.)

On my last trip to Japan I bought this little card case. Or whatever it is. I think it’s used for collectible cards, but the flashcards from WRP fits right into it. What a perfect little mini-purse to always fill up with some 10 flashcards or so before leaving home!

On the backside I stuck my business card, the one I use when doing business with the Japanese. 🙂

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