Sunny Caad10 ride from Berlin to Neustrelitz

I’m still exhausted from yesterday’s bike trip, which started at Kottbusser Tor in Berlin and ended in Neustrelitz. Yes, I biked all the way to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern!

  • Distance: 109 km
  • Time: 3:59 hours (3:27 excluding breaks)
  • Average moving speed: 31,7 kph
  • Max speed: 55,4 kph

View more details including heart rate here!

Can’t recommend this route to anyone. I usually like it when there are no bike paths, but this was a bit much even for me. The end of my course followed B96, a major road apparently, full of autos but very narrow. There were some nice stretches too, but I always forget which afterwards…

Had major luck with the puncture I got – it came as I rolled up to the station building in Neustrelitz!

It’s expensive to bike so far in one direction though. Having biked through three Bundesländer – Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – I ended up paying 21,50 euro for the train ticket back. And that’s just me – I figured I’d buy the ticket for the bike on the train, but the conductor never showed up so the bike travelled for free.

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