The magic of unpacking a Samsung Galaxy S III

My “recent” mobile phone history:

  • 2002: Ericsson T39m (yes, it was even before it was called Sony Ericsson)
  • 2007: Nokia N73 (some worthless piece of shit)
  • 2012: Samsung Galaxy S III (the one below)

About time to upgrade! My first smartphone ever is making me speechless. Such beauty. Such power. The processor is on par with my 2007 iMac, and the 4.8 inch display has more pixels (1280 x 720) than many laptop displays.

No wonder this is the monster of smartphones right now. A beautiful monster.

Even more fun that it’s just been released. So recently that it hasn’t even been released in most parts of the world yet.

And the things you can do on it! All the Japanese apps I’ve installed. Kanji quizzes, Iknow, Anki … I should have got one of these long ago! I’m in love.

I soon realised this message was rather the rule than the exception when installing apps. Goodbye privacy!

The Kindle app can see when I’m talking on the phone, the number of the person I’m talking to, “and so on” as the message said. Accept!

State of the art alarm clock. It even tweets for me. Go to hell, Nokia!

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