Yippeee, I nailed Berlin Velothon 2012

Holy fucking shit, that was fast and fun! I biked the 60 kilometers of today’s Berlin Velothon in 1 hour, 36 minutes and 28 seconds, giving me an average speed of 40,06 kph (24.89 mph) = place 485 out of 4893 men = top 10 percent! (Women are counted separately.)

Follow the route at Garmin Connect.

For me, the race was very different from last year. Then I started in block E, and the race pretty much consisted of overtaking lots of cyclists. This year I started in block B, and the race was all about sticking to your group of cyclists and taking turns leading it.

Once again, it was great fun – and the best part of it is to be allowed to bike in the middle of the roads where usually bikes are not allowed.

And this race made me love my Cannondale Caad 10 (2012 model) even more. What a perfect piece of engineering it is. And beautiful too.

Update: Well, the results, which are still “unofficial”, changed a bit; my average speed decreased to 38,57 kph and my placement from 485 to 488. Time total is the same. Guess over 40 kph was a bit too good to be true! Maybe next year…

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