Back in Tokyo

Yes we’re back! Staying in Ikebukuro this time:

It’s just a short trip – I arrived the day before yesterday and already met a couple of manga artists and friends. I’m very happy with the results so far. And as always, I do plenty of shopping! Since I’m staying in Ikebukuro, I visited Animate’s flagship store for the first time:

Next door was K-Books and some other otaku shops, mainly for females it seemed to me:

Stocked up on loads of Kazuma Ikezawa doujinshi at the Ikebukuro branch of Mandarake (I didn’t even know there was one, it’s the fourth one I visit):

Some more pictures:

Futuristic viaducts in Ikebukuro (yesterday).

Today’s breakfast (ebi sandwich) at Excelsior Caffé.

I stayed for a while cause it was raining. It’s the 梅雨 (tsuyu), rain period in Japan now. But it’s quite nice, I like the coolness that comes with the (light) rain. Notice my extremely surveillance-proof technology for delicate writings.

Last night in Shibuya, after games, bowling, karaoke (!) and dinner with (camera-shy) friends. Notice the main billboard is still for Sexy Zone!

I was trying to blog from my Samsung, but even though I can roam in Japan from my Swedish prepaid card (as opposed to my German), all my money was eaten up in like five minutes, so as long as I don’t find a lot of free wifi’s, which I haven’t so far, my Samsung won’t be of much use here. Too bad, it’s so cool to have a phone that won’t be released in Japan until late June, but it would have been even cooler to be able to use it! 😛

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