The Wrong People by Robin Maugham

It’s very seldom that I read a book in just one day. When it happens, it’s the best praise a book can get. It happened today, and the book was The Wrong People by Robin Maugham (1916-1981). He wrote the book under the pen name David Griffin in 1967.

The Wrong People is set in Tangier at the time when the Moroccan city was an exile port for homosexuals, 1960s that is. A 35-year-old teacher on vacation becomes infatuated with a 14-year-old berber boy. But he’s as beguiled by the experience, wit and schemes of a 50-year-old Anglo-American resident, who convinces the teacher, by appealing to his passion, to go ahead with a sinister – and perfect – plan. A state-of-the-art thriller unfolds.

The suspense resides not only in the peculiar story, but also in the language, which reminded me of that in Sándor Márai’s masterpiece Embers.

Brilliant descriptions of the old queens of Tangier, habile and convincing character development – I was hooked! And very moved.

Five stars!

Especially recommended for my readers Erik and Niclas.

2 thoughts on “The Wrong People by Robin Maugham

  1. You’re quite right. It is indeed a book worth reading in one day. I remember I had the same urge when I first read it, but somehow decided that it would be better to enjoy every bit in small doses. Really good book, and still so strong!

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