Germany = the Africa of telecom

Please stop reading. This can’t possibly interest you. I believe that most things written about consumer rights issues are written in frustration because of a personal trauma with some company. At least, that’s the case with this story!

But to make a short story even shorter:

Today my friend Andreas informed me that it wasn’t possible to reach me on my regular German mobile phone number. I thought he was joking, and called him up from that very number to prove that I haven’t changed number. But afterwards I called myself from my landline. The call didn’t get through! Then I took out the sim-card and put in an old mobile phone. Same result: I could call people but no one could call me. Well, at least that explains why I haven’t received a single call during the last 2 weeks or so! Also, I couldn’t receive sms’s. The problem with this kind of problem is that you don’t know when you have them until someone tells you they couldn’t reach you, or asks why you haven’t replied to their texts.

So I e-mailed the support about the problem.

They responded within half an hour that there might be something wrong with the sim-card, so they sent me a new one. Another half an hour later I got an e-mail that they had now turned off my current sim-card, and shortly after it stopped working.

So now I’m totally offline and can’t even make calls until I receive the new sim-card in the mail on Tuesday or so.

Thank you, Congstar! That’s exactly what I wanted! How good that you could take me offline over the weekend, when I never need to call any friends to arrange to meet at various cafés, vernissages or parties. How fantastically practical! Thanks!

It’s good I have a Swedish sim-card I could use instead. In fact, the roaming charges in Germany for sms from my Swedish provider are three times lower than the standard charges from my German provider, and the data is just the double, so I might as well keep it.

Then I found this thread at the Congstar support forum which is all about this very issue. In October 2009, the Congstar team started the thread because many customers had complained that they could not be reached. In December 2010, after 800+ posts by complaining customers, Congstar had still not found the problem!

And now I’m having that problem. Meaning, I can’t be reached.

What can I say but: Hello Africa, tell how you’re doing!

One thought on “Germany = the Africa of telecom

  1. Oh.

    Well, I was about to switch to Congstar because my current provider is bankrupt but I guess I’ll rather go with Fyve then, thanks for the warning 😮

    Also, I want a Swedish SIM now >_>

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