Stepping up to Intermediate Japanese

Yesterday I finished the second volume of Elementary Japanese (unpacked here). One of the last spreads looked like this:

So now I have a foundation of elementary Japanese grammar. The word lists in EJ were so so to be honest, but for vocabulary I use Iknow anyway.

It’s time to level up. I’m now intermediate. There don’t seem to be any good intermediate Japanese textbooks around though, but I ordered this little gem, Reading Japanese with a Smile, by Tom Gally:

I just finished the first story, and I must say I like the book. It dissects every part of every sentence in the news stories, pretty much like I did myself with this story, though I could only do it with the help of my tandem partner Daisuke. So this book is perfect for self-studies of authentic Japanese texts. My only objection is the romaji that accompanies the kana. Todesstrafe! But at least the author is aware of the controversy of romaji use and argues for it.

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