Japan vs the West: Meat Consumption

Meat Consumption per Capita and Year: The countries USA, Germany, Sweden and Japan compared

I made a graph from this table at the Guardian. Unfortunately I was too lazy to look up figures for more recent years, but this chart still gives quite a good idea of the meat consumption per capita in our countries. Germany’s cut after 1990 might have to do with previous statistics covering West Germany only, which naturally had a higher meat consumption than poor East Germany, which joined the West to one country in 1990.

I added the latest life expectancy data from my earlier graphs – check them out for some interesting comparisons between Japan, USA, Sweden and Germany.

Germans eat 82,1 kg meat per person and year. Germans’ average body weight is 82,4 kg (source).

This led me to hypothesize that all average meat consumption figures were as closely correlated to the average weight of a male person of that country. But this turned out to be wrong. Americans don’t weigh 124,8 kg on average, but only 88,3 kg (same source). And though svelte and very attractive, Japanese men don’t weigh 43,9 kg on average, but 61,1 kg (at age 19, source).

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